Monday, November 22, 2010

In three days, I'll be eating Turkey.

Holy Cow.

November 22. Really?

I'm exhausted today. So tired that I could crawl under the desk and sleep all day. I was this tired on Friday, Saturday, yesterday, and again today. I think the semester has finally caught up with me. Luckily, in two days, I'll be headed home to get some much needed sleep.

So what am I thankful for this year? I'm not sure where to start. I mean, I try to make a list of a few things every day that I'm thankful for. I think that I'll look back on this year and say "It was the best of times, It was the worst of times." But I know I've written that before. It seems like we can look back on every year and say it was the best of times and the worst of times. That's probably why they let Dickens be considered a classic writer.

Right. Thankfulness.

1. Dirhk. At the beginning of what was quickly looking to be a crappy summer, I got a little pick-me-up. Dirhk is my 1990 Acura Integra. My grandfather and my uncle invested a LOT of time into fixing it, and for under $1000 bucks, I had a perfectly good car for zooming around in. It had 42k miles on it when I got it. I've made a few trips back and forth from Ohio, I've been back and forth from Knoxville to home several times, and I go between Knoxville and Oak Ridge at least once a week. Then, the car was able to provide for me even further when I was able to hock the title so I could afford a new laptop when Boomhauer made an untimely exit.

2. Cousins. Boat loads of them, it seems. And by boat loads, I mean 11. At times this summer they stressed me out and had me hiding in dark rooms, but I love them SO much. I played cards and video games with Aunt Christylee's boys, and I cuddled with Olivia until she couldn't stand me anymore. As for Uncle Chad's brood? I actually kept an eye on them a few times, and we did things like hide and seek, playing in the woods, watching a show about people in prison, 3 straight hours of America's Funniest Home Videos, ghost stories on the History Channel, cereal for dinner one night. And then there were Aunt Michelle's three. The older two and I went shopping, watched New Moon, ate at the World's Most Magnificent McDonald's, and gossiped. They remind me so much of Hannah and I. And then, there was Arianna. We played kitchen a few times, and then she helped me pack to come home and she tried on my clothes. I wish I had a picture of Arianna wearing the top to my "baby suit".

3. Chad. Where do I start? This chapter of our story started about this time last year and came to a close in August. August 27th marked a new beginning for the two of us, and I am so thankful for a second chance at us. I mean, I don't even quite know what to say.
Somewhere I lost him, but he came back to me, and I thank God for that. I love him, and I always have. He and I are going to see Skillet with Toby Mac, and also Relient K in the coming weeks. He says he wants to go to Dollywood and see the lights. We've been to Norris Dam; we went hiking in the Smokies. We've been swimming, we laid around at his place. We've visited our families and eaten at a little out of the way diner. We saw Harry Potter together and tried to pass out Halloween candy. We make each other laugh until we cry. And sometimes, we sit on the couch, drinking coffee and watching Castle. I don't need much more in life.
I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is when you're in the world - Elton John
4. The family. No, seriously. I know that everybody is thankful for their family. But honestly, mine basically rocks. It's like a three ring circus. We make each other laugh, and we're super close. Somehow, it seems like my mother's running a comedy club and an advice column from the same place, and I wouldn't trade this sitcom-ish life for anything.  Even though it's different now since Hannah is in Jackson and we're sort of spread out, we're still close. I can't wait for all of us to be together in the next month. There is food to be eaten, board games to be played, laughs to be had, movies to be watched, and presents to be opened. I love the holidays, and they're quickly becoming more precious each year; it won't be long and it will be one of the only times we're all in one place.
4a. Nana. Yes, Nana gets her own paragraph. She's like the funniest old lady I know, whether she means it or not. She doesn't consider them cuss words until you've taken the Lord's name in vain, she spies on her neighbor, and talks about the most inappropriate things at dinner. Then, she sends Papa home to his apartment (a stone's throw away) when she wants it quiet again. I love that old lady!

Back to work, there's stuff to complete!

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